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The Law has entered the game

2012-12-06 12:56:36 by glavca

Im back in the game guys


2010-12-08 16:54:02 by glavca

School is boring...
School is important...
School is ehh.. A FUCK THIS! :D
Lets go animating!

Game game games!

2010-01-27 15:43:12 by glavca

I`m making a new game called Gears of adventure! It`s about a gear that goes on an adventure!


2009-12-27 10:46:01 by glavca

wow what a fail...

christmas 09 collab

2009-12-23 08:59:53 by glavca

Wooo lets go lets go lets go!

christmas 09 collab


2009-12-11 12:31:32 by glavca

I know I ll do a christmas movie... weeeee!!

glavca the chewing gum

2009-11-29 08:24:59 by glavca

and its alive!!!!!!!!! though with score of 2.3... so I will upgrade it again
expect Glavca the chewing gum coming soon. xD^^

The half is done

2009-09-18 09:17:02 by glavca

The first half is done take a look at my character :D glavca the chewing gumxD

The half is done

new game

2009-08-01 15:17:13 by glavca

Hi there visitor! Im making new game and it will be my first think on newgrounds that wont be
rejected(hopefully). and that is actualy all the news. my robot eye movie was blamed. I have no idea why it deservetat least 2.50 because i look at crap that is saved and has the score: 1.89 and it cant compare to my movie...